Need of Community

Do you know that helping others can lead you to a happier and healthier life?

It’s true! When you lend a helping hand to someone, you feel a lot better about yourself. It gives a feeling of great satisfaction that you have contributed something very important to the community. And the community helps you to cherish life beyond the mere act of feeding and breeding the body.

We all have

“Dreams, Ambitions, Passion, Skills, Talent, Hobbies & Zeal to Contribute to Society

to make our Rest of Life Best of Life.

It all needs a Community of Like-minded people having a ‘Go Together and Grow Together’ mindset.

ROLBOL is an abbreviation of "Rest of Life Best of Life."

What is ROLBOL Community?

It is a community of people sharing the same wavelength and helping each other to live their “Rest of Life Best of Life.”

"I water you; you water me, we grow together."
Brandon Nembhard

This phrase is the true definition of ROLBOL Community.

ROLBOL Community is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organization aiming to connect professionals, personnel, entrepreneurs, artists, homemakers, and intellectuals of the society having “Go Together, Grow Together,” mindset to help each other to live their “Rest of Life Best of Life.” It is registered as a Company under Section 8 of the Company Act 2013 (India).


“One day every individual will be associated with our community.”

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People by 2025


We endeavor to create more values in the life of the people around us –

  • To help people connect, communicate and collaborate with each other to grow together.
  • To create millions of opportunities for joyful socializing, self-upgradation, business growth, and to fulfill the responsibility of nation-building.
  • To create a world-class network of ‘ROLBOL Clubs’ throughout the longitudes and latitudes of the globe.

What do we do?

We all have different goals in life but we do not operate in seclusion;

So, We believe in making your time a productive break to build a better relationship with the world, through

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Why join ROLBOL Community?

Enhance your Self Worth and get to know your Net Worth with a global network.
It opens the gate to endless possibilities –
  • Become a part of the Global Network
  • Grow your Social Circle
  • Hangout with Likeminded People
  • Share your Skills and showcase your Talent
  • Lead various Campaigns, Activities, and Programs
  • Expand the horizon of your Knowledge and Skills
  • Stay Fit and Stay Healthy
  • Contribute your part to Nation-building
  • Infinite opportunities for Business Growth
  • Opportunity to make your Rest of Life Best of Life

Members Engagement Activity

Birds of same feather flock together,

At ROLBOL Community it is very true, people meet and a walk on the path of an intrapersonal growth with the likeminded fellow members.

  • Fitness freaks never miss to go on jogging round, cycling.
  • Sports enthusiast team up and play together for healthy lifestyle.
  • The bookworms share wavelengths at readers clubs.
  • Theatre club, Art club bring together the artists and creative souls.
  • Think tank (Politics/ Movie/Culture/History) –As the name suggests, Discussions to ponder over different subjects of interest.
  • Activities as Food donation drives bring out the philanthropist in all of us.

The list of activities for engagement keeps on customized as per members and the line of interest they share!


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Our Gratitude for Your Appreciation

The Beginning

ROLBOL Community was founded on 12th January 2020 in a graceful motivational talk show chaired by Ms. Anusuiya Uikey, Hon’ble Governor of Chhattisgarh in the jam-packed Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Auditorium of the vibrant city Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh State (India).

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